freelance tips

  • How to become a digital nomad

    woman types on her laptop with coffee beside her at a window of a cafe. She is a digital nomad.

    The 2020 pandemic-that-shall-not-be-named forced businesses all around the world to take their teams remote where they could, and while some countries tentatively step back into some kind of normal, the success that many businesses have found with remote working may mean it’s here to stay. Indeed, companies like Microsoft, Facebook and Shopify have already made […]

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  • Why soft skills are important for the future of work

    Side view of desk with phone, laptop and Rubic's Cube in the foreground.

    A post-pandemic workscape has shone a spotlight on the importance of interpersonal skills. Here’s how to identify and qualify your soft skills set. The professional value you bring to a role is not just about technical skills (although for many of us, the financial commitment to attain these is hard to forget!). Technical capability definitely […]

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  • Why imposter syndrome is a superpower

    Lego Batman is dressed as a Stormtrooper

    Superheroes. They seem ridiculously perfect at first instance, but dig a little deeper and there’s a weakness to be found: Superman’s kryptonite, Wonder Woman’s fragile skin, Hulk’s unpredictable rage (hey, Big Guy, we’ve all been there). While imposter syndrome isn’t among the weaknesses of our fave comic book heroes, it is a weakness for many […]

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