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  • Why soft skills are important for the future of work

    Side view of desk with phone, laptop and Rubic's Cube in the foreground.

    A post-pandemic workscape has shone a spotlight on the importance of interpersonal skills. Here’s how to identify and qualify your soft skills set. The professional value you bring to a role is not just about technical skills (although for many of us, the financial commitment to attain these is hard to forget!). Technical capability definitely […]

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  • Why imposter syndrome is a superpower

    Lego Batman is dressed as a Stormtrooper

    Superheroes. They seem ridiculously perfect at first instance, but dig a little deeper and there’s a weakness to be found: Superman’s kryptonite, Wonder Woman’s fragile skin, Hulk’s unpredictable rage (hey, Big Guy, we’ve all been there). While imposter syndrome isn’t among the weaknesses of our fave comic book heroes, it is a weakness for many […]

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